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Want to know what this blog is all about?  Then check out these popular posts:

20 ways to prepare zucchini

“I find myself in need of zucchini recipes.  Stat!

It seems that my promise to plant only one zucchini plant this year didn’t go according to plan.

Four plants and many zucchini later…”

Spotlight on Julie Myers of JLM Art

“I have known Julie Myers for a very long time.  Probably longer than either one of us wants to admit!  Julie and I grew up in the same small town (Shippensburg, PA), attended high school together, and graduated the same year.  No, I’m not telling you what year!

Julie has always been artistic…”

18 ways to eat more fruits and vegetables

“Earlier this week, I was lamenting my failure to keep even one New Year’s Resolution for 2012.  I know, it’s not a great catastrophe.  But it is frustrating!  And apparently it strikes a chord with many of my readers…”

Becky’s Pantry Pasta

“A few weeks ago I issued a challenge to you, my loyal readers, to create a pasta salad with items in your pantry.

Becky Gregory, vegetarian and blogger at Veghotpot, did one better and sent me a recipe for a hearty, hot meal!

The photos she sent looked so good…”

Baked Sweet Potato Fries

“I had sweet potato fries at Red Robin last week and fell in love!  They were sweet and crispy – so addictive.  I found this recipe courtesy of Food Network; the fries are baked, so they are healthy…”

Sharrott Winery

“When people think of wine producing regions, they don’t typically think of New Jersey.  In fact, when I have suggested New Jersey wines to family and friends…”

Picking the Perfect Pumpkin Patch

“If you have young children, you want to make sure your patch has a hayride.  Whether the ride goes out to the patch or just takes you around the farm, you can’t beat the entertainment factor of sitting behind a tractor…”

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